Charity accounts

Managing a not for profit organisation can be a demanding task. There can be many challenging areas such as managing your funds and finances and working within strict, yet continually developing regulatory and legal framework.

Langers have many years of experience making us in an ideal position to offer the unique expertise that the not for profit sector requires, yet our size means we are able to ensure you receive the necessary partner involvement.


Audit & assurance

Various entities can be required by law to have their financial statements audited. This can be a result of meeting certain criteria or due to requirements of controlling parties or franchisers. Where there is a legal requirement to perform an audit such engagements are termed Statutory Audits.

Langers have a wealth of experience having audited clients of various sizes and over a diverse range of sectors we aim to work closely with our clients with a goal of performing audits efficiently and in a timely manner.

Where there is no statutory requirement for an audit many entities will find great benefit in an assurance engagement as these can provide critical information on risks faced, weaknesses within systems and processes and compliance with laws, contracts and agreements.


Solicitors accounts Rules

Audit requirements for solicitors can be a unique challenge. Depending on a solicitors circumstances the Solicitors Regulation Authority may require a Solicitors Accounts Rules Audit to be performed. Langers have worked with many solicitors in this capacity and in an ever changing compliance environment we are able to work with solicitors to focus on risk areas and improving systems and processes as well as providing the required report to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Langers have worked with solicitors of various sizes who undertake work ranging from conveyancing to criminal law which positions us well to meet the needs of our solicitor clients.

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HMRC Tax Error - PAYE Tax
Reclaim Information

If you have received a notice
about this from HM Revenue &
Customs we can perform a check
to verify the size of any error.

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